Hebei University Successfully Holds 9 Sessions of “Dialogue with Masters”

According to the Hebei University's schedule of June, 7 departments, including College of Life Science, College of History, College of Civil Engineering and Architecture, College of Foreign Languages, Department of Foreign Language Teaching, College of Mathematics and Information Science, College of International Exchange and Education, successfully held 9 lectures online or offline.


Nine professors, namely Professor Wang Jinfa, Professor Zhang Kan from Xiamen University, Professor Wang Junju from Shandong University, Professor Chang Junyue from Dalian International Studies University, Professor Guo Yingjian from Renmin University of China, Professor Lu Yufeng from Dalian University of Technology, Professor Chen Falai from University of Science and Technology of China, Professor Jiang Shixue from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Professor Pang Yanrong from Hebei University, gave lectures respectively. Professor Wang Jinfa's lecture was on "Teacher Quality and Teaching Design Under the Concept of Ideological and Political Theories Teaching in All Course". Professor Zhang Kan's topic was "Exploration and Practice of Cultivation of Top Historical Talents in Xiamen University". Professor Wang Junju's lecture was "A Report on Professional Certification in Outcome Based Education (OBE)". Professor Chang Junyue's topic was "New Ideas of Foreign Language Education and Foreign Language Talents Training". Professor Guo Yingjian's lecture was on "From SOI to CBI to CLI – The Reform and Inspiration of Foreign Language Education Concept". Professor Lu Yufeng was "From Quality Courses to First-class Courses: Reflections on First-class Courses for English majors". Professor Chen Falai's topic was "Discussion of Calculus". Professor Jiang Shixue's lecture was "The Application of Mathematics". Professor Pang Yanrong's topic was "How to carry out researches and teaching of Latin American". Their lectures covered many aspects and received enthusiastic reaction, which played a positive role in promoting the professional certification, talent training and course construction. And it is also beneficial to the improvement of teaching abilities in Hebei University.


In the future, Hebei University will continue using the platform of "Dialogue with Masters". With the purpose of "serving teachers and teaching", we will strengthen intercollegiate co-operations and provide more opportunities for teachers and students to communicate with China's top teachers and experts.